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About Me

My breathwork journey started in 2018 when I was discovering a lot about myself. I stumbled into a breathwork session at Lightning in a Bottle, a festival in California. In 1 hour, I felt clear, calm, and empowered. I was surprised that just one hour of breathing could have such a profound impact in my life. Since this moment, I've dedicated myself to this practice. Certified as a breathwork facilitator in 2021, I'm now ready to share this incredible practice with others.


"I was very surprised to discover that my mind never wandered the whole time. I was able to relax and sink into it. When I’ve tried other meditation practices, my mind always wandered. I loved Ari's coaching and the music was perfect for the experience!" - Hannah Hoffman

From the beginning of my session with Ari I knew I was in good hands. He created a warm and inviting environment then took his time working with me to set a meaningful intention. I didn’t know what to expect going in, so it was nice having Ari there to coach me through it. I thoroughly enjoyed the breathwork, finding it both relaxing and restorative. I’d highly recommend booking Ari for an individual or group session. - Dillon Einbund

Ari helped create a sense of calm over the group from the very beginning, thoroughly explaining each step of the process we were going to embark on before we began. His guidance allowed me to fully relax my mind and enter into a deeper, more vulnerable state. I trust Ari to cultivate a powerful experience through his words, music curation, and the energy he brings to every session. I really enjoyed my breathwork experience with Ari and hope to work with him again soon. - Whitney Yost

Ari is a masterful breathwork facilitator. He has a calming presence that allows you to fully relax into the experience, and he offers clear guidance and support along the way. The results are truly breathtaking. - Kelby Kupersmid

Ari was one of the first people who really introduced me to breathwork. I've dabbled in it before but it wasn't until one of Ari's classes that I really understood why breathwork was so special. Ari is the perfect teacher for all levels of breathwork and really helps you feel comfortable in a setting that can be uncomfortable trying to achieve various types of breathing techniques. I highly suggest a class with Ari, I promise you won't regret it. - Nicole Brait

Ari was the first to introduce me to breathwork. While I've explored the practice with several guides, I find myself continuously coming back to Ari and his sessions to help me completely relax, reset, and reboot. He helps me push my practices further with every session. - Zach Leff

Out of this world experience! Ari led our group of about 20 people with absolute command and professionalism. He took us on a journey, and it was an experience that I continue to crave. Highly recommend! - Daniel Kaufer

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